Project #7 Bitmap Game

Click Here to play the game.


This is a game about procrastination. I want to create this because I’m personally someone who tends to procrastinate and I’m trying my best to fight it. This game is basically a simple experience to mimic the process of fighting with procrastination. There are three levels in total, and each lever is meant to represent a stage of struggling and fighting with procrastination.

Design Process

The main character is me, I drew a little girl as the main character to represent myself.

These are my draft storyboards and the Gray-boxed version of my game. The first level of the game requires player to click really fast to boost the motivation, otherwise the motivation level will gradually drop to zero. When the motivation level is zero, the player loses the game because it means that the players is beaten by procrastination. The second level is to reach the other end while dodging all the temptations along the way, just like how we resist playing with our phones or other stuffs while working or studying in real life. The final level is a simple maze that people need to go through in order to finish the project before the deadline. Player will have 5 lives in total for the last two levels. Everytime the character is bumped with the obstacles along the way or fails to stay within the boundary of the maze, one life will be deducted. When all the lifes are gone, the game is over.


This is definitely the hardest assignment I have done so far because I had to combine everything I have learned in this class to complete this project. This is challenging but also a very good opportunity because it not only allows me to revisit and reinforce the things I learned in the past, but I was also able to gaine a lot of new knowledge through this assignment. I feel like I can do a lot more with coding after this assignment. Through constantly debugging and solving problems I encountered, I was able to gain better understanding about coding. Despite that, there are still issues existing in my game, and I’m constantly going back to optimize it. There is always room for improvement.